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Digital Business 2.0

Program Overview

What is Digital Business 2.0?

Digital Business 2.0 is a workshop model that teaches entrepreneurs how to creatively use the numerous online opportunities available today for the growth of their business.


This course runs for one month, with classes available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM.

This course offers several benefits, including:

Instagram & Facebook Ads

Learn to create and manage different types of ads on Facebook and Instagram by yourself.

Landing Page Building

Learn to independently create landing pages that explain a product while you are on the internet.

SEO & Google My Business

Learn to understand and use various SEO possibilities yourself, including how to list your website or Google My Business.

Poster Making

Learn to create posters needed for your business as your own creation.

Video Making

Learn to create promotional videos with voice-overs by yourself.

Instagram & Facebook Basics (Foundation)

Learn the skills to create posts and videos

E-Mail Marketing

Learn to maximize the potential of email marketing for a business.

SMS, Voice Call & WhatsApp Marketing

Learn to send SMS and WhatsApp messages independently, including using a smartly recorded voice message.

Zoom Meetings & Webinars

Learn to conduct webinars or customer meetings online professionally using Zoom.

Payment Gateways

Learn to use payment gateways efficiently for transactions in your business.


Learn to automate various tasks and processes within your business for better efficiency and productivity.